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What should I use to build my website?

Many times I have been asked that question.

I admit I have flipflopped on this question over and over.

And although I have made a decision that I hope will not disappoint me in the future, I wanted to lay out the questions you need to ask when deciding on the platform you should use.

WordPress vs Squarespace for Blogging

Personally, I will always point people to one of two choices, WordPress or Squarespace. But regardless if you use one of these options, thinking through these questions can save you an immense amount of a headache.

  • Security – WordPress is a platform that is weaker to attacks than any other major platform on its own. However, if you invest in a good host and implement security plugins like Sucuri, you will be able to reduce your risk significantly, but be aware that you can be hacked easier on WordPress
  • Longevity – I admit it, with the popularity of WordPress, I highly doubt it will go away anytime soon. A platform like Squarespace has a great business model, but of course, if the company was ever to run into issues… who knows.
  • Capability -Thanks to its user base, WordPress is a platform that has an immense amount of easy to use plugins that can upgrade your site’s capabilities quickly.Something like Squarespace is more controlled and limited. However, they truly focus on allowing creators to create without having to deal with website backend frustrations like hosting or security. It’s a good tradeoff.
  • Usability –  WordPress has a learning curve for sure. And if you add more capabilities from external services, the learning curve continues to increase. You will run into more confusion with WordPress as you continue to use more features of the platform, but of course, it will allow your website to do more things. A platform like Squarespace is very user-friendly. There is a little bit of a learning curve, but once you learn it, using the platform becomes easy.
  • Cost – WordPress is not free. At a minimum, you will need to pay for hosting, security and a good theme. With Squarespace, your costs are all bundled up into one monthly fee. It makes life much simpler.

Please note I have used both of these platforms and at one time I swore off ever using WordPress again. However, I am back to using WordPress due to the amazing Divi theme.

It’s a visual builder that allows for fantastic frontend development capabilities. I’m a big fan of it’s extremely user-friendly “Visual Builder” that allows anyone to build a webpage they want to without using code.

The short story is that it made me fall back in love with WordPress.

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