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Twitter Cracking Down on Content and Spam

Twitter is cracking down on duplicate content and spam by preventing the posting same content from multiple accounts typically done through third-party apps.

Twitter is limiting coordinated efforts of posting content to have trending content be more organic and not be artificially created.

New rules will be to prevent liking, retweets or follows from multiple accounts per Twitter’s statements below.

“Posting duplicative or substantially similar content, replies, or mentions over multiple accounts you control, or creating duplicate or substantially similar accounts, with or without the use of automation, is never allowed.

Posting multiple updates (on a single account or across multiple accounts you control) to a trending or popular topic (for instance, through the use of a specific hashtag) with an intent to subvert or manipulate the topic, or to artificially inflate the prominence of a hashtag or topic, is never allowed.”

Twitter Starting to Live Stream Local News

During the school shooting in Florida Twitter apparently started streaming the local news to anyone on Twitter thanks to an article published on The Verge.

Twitter seems to be getting into partnerships with local news outlets to be able to stream news when major events happen. This development seems to a good potential for Twitter as Facebook seems to be backing away from primarily being a news outlet platform.

Embedding Tweets Could be a Copyright Issue?

Sure enough, the Electronic Frontier Foundation recently highlighted a judgment that came down on publications for embedding a tweet from Twitter on their websites.

This is a very dangerous move as this would impact many publications or essentially anyone who embeds other people’s tweets on their websites.

Other News

Instagram will start having disappearing messages within their Direct Messenger.

Facebook comes out with more support for interactive 3D posts. This is a pretty exciting new development as this would allow companies to showcase 360-degree views of products on Facebook without requiring people to come to their website.

“With glTF 2.0 support we’re opening up even more ways to share 3D content on Facebook from more creation tools and platforms. We’re introducing new Graph API endpoints with 3D Post support so developers can build seamless 3D sharing into any app — letting people share interactive objects or scenes directly to Facebook with just a click. Using our new Open Graph tag, developers can enable 3D content from their website to automatically appear in 3D when shared on Facebook. And artists using 3D authoring software can directly drag/drop their 3D files to Facebook to create a 3D post.”