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Many times we can find ourselves working on our marketing for the next year, month, quarter, etc only to really struggle with “well what is the goal?”

Or thoughts of “I know we need more sales and leads” but you seems stuck on what to do.

When Facebook, YouTube, Google or some other social media company come out with a new feature, shiny object syndrome sets in and we get distracted. We have to try this new feature and oh yeah “I hear everyone is on Snapchat, we need to get on Snapchat?

If this resonates with you, even a little bit, you are not alone. In today’s episode, we unpack this and work to prevent distraction and instead promote focus for your marketing by answering the question, “what does success look like?”.

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Tip of the Week

My Tip of the Week is the HabitShare app. This is an amazing free habit-tracking app that I was turned on to by my friend Rohn Gibson, and it has helped me immensely.

It’s a cool habit-tracking app because it allows you to share habits with friends to provide extra motivation and accountability.

It’s easy to use and you can set notifications to remind you to do your habits before the end of the day.

One of the best parts is that it is both for the Apple platform and for Android, so any of your friends can use it.

Check it out.

Main Topic: “The #1 Marketing Question You Need to Answer for 2018 (and beyond)” ”

Stop wondering what you should do in marketing.

Whenever I sit down with clients, the question I am looking to answer is “What does success look like?

It is one of the first questions that I ask.

This question provides so much clarity for the marketing strategy. It allows you to start with the end in mind and work back on how to get there.

From the answer to this question, it helps you start with a PLAN .

Here are foundations of a PLAN:

  • Place Boundaries – Knowing the answer to “What does success look like?” creates focus on what you should be working towards and probably even more importantly, what you should avoid.
  • Lays Out Context – Once you have your boundaries of what you should be focusing on, the next details come into place.
    • What platforms do we need to use to accomplish our goal?
    • What mediums (Video, Audio, Blog) do we need to focus on?
  • Accountability – This is extremely important. Once you have your goals and you know what you should be focusing on, you need to measure progress and maintain focus. Having a daily visual view of your goals and even a progress tracker is extremely helpful to make this a reality.
  • New Vision – With the previous steps in place you can move forward with even more clarity and motivation. This point also incorporates the idea of “Why” are we doing this. If we accomplish these goals, then ____. This will not only help movement, but it will also help get buy in from other team members if you have them.One company I used to work for stated that if we made the revenue goal for the year, we would all essentially have $1,000 to give to a charity of our choice from the company. Pretty much the whole team bought into that idea.

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