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Okay now that you have installed Google Analytics correctly, how do you use this amazing analytics tool to drive more leads?

In this episode, we go through how one can start understanding the data to know where to spend their efforts in their marketing.

Items Discussed In this Episode

  • Case study of a 200% increase in leads
  • How to set up goals inside of Google Analytics without a massive headache.
  • How to track leads coming from phone calls
  • Customer Labs
  • Sanebox

Tool of the Week

Sanebox. The name says it all.

I can’t tell you how nice it is to log into my email and not stress about all of the emails in my inbox. This tool integrates with the email service you use like Google Apps or Outlook and works to only show you emails that are of priority.

I went from at least 30+ emails/day down to 5. It’s surreal.

The best part is that you train it for a few days and then enjoy some amazingly new freedom in your life. I feel like I got an hour back (at minimum) a day.

Sanebox isn’t a free service, but how much is it worth to have an hour back a day?

I’ll happily pay $7/month to have this new found freedom. So much so, I have it set up for 2 of my email addresses.