Just because you reached a new level in your life does not mean you are done. Success takes work... it just does.

And the work truly never ends.

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Success Is Never Owned It IS Rented &The rent is Due Every day
Success Is Never Owned It IS Rented &The rent is Due Every day

This can be a hard concept to admit. In a world of instant gratification there is a big desire to have an overnight success and then just live on the rewards of that success as we ride off into the sunset.

If it only it was that easy...

Recently, I wrote a post where I explained that I had experienced a major success and felt like I had made it. It seemed like things were going my way and all of my hard work had paid off and I took my foot off the gas.

If I could go back in time, I would have told myself to have keep pushing forward. That the success I had was due to my desire to work hard and if I wanted to continue having successes I would need to go right back to work and to continue to provide value to my audience.

I needed to realize that "Success is never owned, it is rented and the rent is due every day."

The quote above comes from Rory Vaden's book Take the Stairs which is now in my top 10 most recommended career and business books for anyone to read.

This phrase has made me self-aware of the fact that you and I are going to have to continue to work every day for the rest of our lives, if we want to continue and maintain success.

So instead of viewing work as an unnecessary evil, view it as an ongoing opportunity to further better your life.

There will be many people that don't want to do the work or start to do the work and fade in the end.

Instead, commit yourself to consistently showing up every day to work towards your success. And when you have a high point of achievement, remember the sun will rise again tomorrow and the rent will be due once again for the continued opportunity to be successful.

Cheers... and here's to your daily work.