In the past w months my wife and I have been processing a lot of things…

One of those is the fact that we are pregnant.

On top of that I have been getting over the shingles, which has caused our family to be separated from each other.

Then during the middle of all of that, we had a pipe burst, which has ushered in a bunch of complicated repairs that need to take place…..

The start Of Something New #086
The start Of Something New #086

It’s been a little crazy.

Moving Forward

However, through this process I have had some time to process how I want to move forward with 168 Opportunites.

The first thing that will be changing is the podcast structure.

I have come to realize that I need a way to be more consistent and yet provide value to others, therefore I will be producing my podcast in a question format.

This is a test, but it should allow me to plan and schedule my episodes better, which will benefit everyone in the end.

No doubt there will be kinks in the process, but I am determined to push through.

What Is Covered In This Episode

As part of my plan for producing content, I do believe that it would be very important to have an update on new strategies and tactics that have happened recently that could be very beneficial to small business owners in their marketing.

So to kick it all off, I want to take time to talk about two new developments that are worth mentioning.

  • Facebook Audience Optimization - This new feature will allow Facebook Pages to be able to target their posts better organically. In other words, you can now be more focused on the audience you want your Facebook posts to reach.
  • Facebook Lead Ads - Although Facebook Lead Ads are not new, an update was made so that business owners could use these ads targeting people on the Desktop and mobile devices. Additionally, marketers can add in a slide that helps explain to users what will happen when they sign up.