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Is the data in your Google Analytics account correct?

Have you filtered out internal traffic?

These are the first two questions that come to my mind for tracking purposes when working with a client.

The reality is that over 90% have not filtered out internal traffic. This is a problem I want to help you and other businesses avoid.

If you are not filtering out your traffic, your employees and contract workers, your data is skewed. If your data is skewed then your confidence level in making decisions based on your analytics becomes less and less.

A great example of this is a local business that has its homepage on its work computers set to load when opening a browser. Each time a browser is opened, another session fires in Google Analytics.

If they look at analytics they might see 2,500 visits/mo and all from local traffic. The reality is that their website is only being visited 40-75% of the time from people outside of the office.

Excluding this traffic is a necessity if you want your business to be collecting accurate data.

Setting Up Google Analytics Properly

In this episode, I walk through step by step how to set up Google Analytics to avoid this issue.

Additionally, I created a video of this podcast episode that shows my screen, so that you can follow along on how to do this.

Even if you do not do much more with Google Analytics, getting this properly set up now will significantly help if you want to do more advanced tracking in the future.