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To help understand the following post, be sure to watch the inspirational message about the Pixel Painter first.

The Pixel Painter from The Pixel Painter on Vimeo.

Moving story.

I remember the first time I watched this video… I cried.

Not because of any sense of disappointment or something disturbing me, but because I saw so much hope come from Hal Lasko’s story.

He was living his dream and you could tell he loved every moment of it.

I think about how many of us are always on journey trying to figure out what is the next right step in our life that we sometimes loose hope for the future.

Hal Lasko found a way around that.

Watching his story helped teach me 5 lessons that we should remember on our journey of life and pursuing the things that we love.

1. Even if you have limitations, you can make a difference. In case you didn’t see it, Hal suffered from macular degeneration, a vision issue that caused one to see blurred spots in the middle of your eye. However, thanks to technology Hal was able to work on his art by blowing up his paintings using Microsoft paint. In a way the weakness in his eyes, actually was his strength due to him using such a unique application and painting through pixels.

It reminds me of how often we view our limitations as bad things, when in fact they can be the very things that set us apart from everyone else.

2. Doing something you love brings joy and even life. One thing that struck me about Hal was that he was 97 years old. He certainly didn’t look it. Some may believe that he may be an anomaly, but when I see the joy and life that is brought from doing work that he loves (especially after being retired), it is clear that it helped provide a way to impact others.

3. Persistence pays off. When Hal paints it can be a while before the print actually emerges. At one point he even goes on to talk about a painting lasting a year. I wasn’t completely sure that it did take that long, but the fact remains that it does take time and persistence to finish his work.

I doubt he even realizes the impact his story and journey will have on others and not just his paintings.

Overall, I think about all of energy and focus that it Hal has for his work. It causes me to look inward and appreciate the journey I am on, even when it is difficult.

Think of how if you persist in your writing, what you may accomplish and who you may impact. You may never know how much your story affects others.

Thank you Hal Lasko for being the Pixel Painter.

What other life lessons do you see reflected here?