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One of the best ways to stand out is to produce helpful content consistently…. the important word there being consistently.

I think we maybe all know this to be true, but how many of us are actually doing it? Yeah, I’m talking to you sir in the mirror.

It’s not the easiest and it takes effort, but if you were to really think about everything, how many people do you follow or like to listen to or watch that produce content weekly or every day?

Probably quite a few if you were to think about it.

Now think about your business and what you are trying to do, how often do your customers/potential customers here from you in the form of helpful content?

That’s the question that we really dive deeper into today. 

Items discussed

  • Why you should create content consistently
  • What happens when you don’t
  • Distilling the Quality vs Quantity myth (This is one of my favorite things to talk about)
  • Gary Vaynerchuk’s rant on being a media company 
  • How to start creating content consistently (Hint: you probably have everything you need to start)