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7 years ago I started on a journey to learn how to start building a presence and business online.

After many successes and major setbacks, I have had to learn many lessons and no doubt will learn many more.

Some lessons have come through hardship, some through hard work and some through experience.

With this being the 100th episode I thought it would be very fitting to talk through many of these lessons.

Outline of Episode

  • Passion is a factor 
  • Consistency is key
  • Build your list
  • Work is so, so important, Tools only get you so far
  • Tools save you time and help you move forward quickly
  • Constantly learn
  • Business is awesome
  • The Power of the Mastermind
  • You will never get to your destination on your own – Myth of the Solopreneur
  • Marketing with the standard advertising mediums is just fine
  • Always do direct marketing, never branding
  • Podcasting is one of the most important mediums
  • Become a practitioner
  • Value first marketing
  • Experiment
  • It’s a “copy” problem
  • Goals do matter
  • Daily habits move you forward
  • Exercise and nutrition do matter
  • The Mental Game
  • You’ve never made it