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Yes……. I’m back. And I do think I am back better than ever.

First off… thank you to all of my loyal subscribers.

You’re the best.

My sincerest apology that it has taken so long to come back and relaunch the podcast.

There were many times where I thought I should maybe just shut it all down and start over.

But my beautiful wife, lovingly (with that honesty that hurts a little) explained to me that running from my problems was stupid (her words) and if I quit this, I would be doing something that I would significantly regret.

Love that girl..

Secondly, if you are new, welcome.

If listen in, you’ll get a good background of who I am and (hopefully) what I can do to help you moving forward.

This episode is my reintroduction of the 168 Opportunities podcast.

 Items discussed In this episode

  •  Where on earth have I been?
  • Becoming fully self-employed
  • My journey of being an online marketer
  • What to expect from me moving forward

Also, I apologize if my relaunch really screwed up with your podcast player and downloaded a bunch of former episodes. 

Thanks for listening