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For many of us, we suffer from some sort of ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) where we can get distracted very easily.

So in a world where you need to focus on getting things done, becoming easily distracted is not a good trait to have. Thankfully, I found 5 websites that can help you stay focused on what needs to get accomplished by using background music (noise) to quiet your distracted mind. This may sound completely crazy, but I have had many individuals thank me greatly for telling them about these websites.

  1. – The website is in Beta, but the creator behind asks you a series of questions that help create a playlist to help you focus on whatever mood you are in.
  2. – For those of us that like the sound of the rain (aka me), this is a website that plays the same rain track over and over again. However, it never gets old and if you continue to do work with it, you will begin to somehow just focus right away as soon as you hear the first raindrops coming down.
  3. – I do not use this site very much, but Coffitivity does a great job of providing tracks of a coffee shop background that some people truly prefer. If you work alone, sometimes it can be nice to get the noise of others around you even if you are just in your pj’s sitting at the computer at 2 am.
  4. – I need to meet the founder of this site as they created a background nature music tool that allows you to mix your own personal nature sound. Want to hear the leaves blowing while also hearing the cracking of a fire, why not? Noisli can help you with that.
  5. – This is maybe more of a relaxing, ambient music site, but at times when your day can get extremely crazy, this website can help you relax for a little bit, before jumping into the grind again.
  6. – This is one of my most relied background music tools as they have options for everyone. They truly embrace the science of creating the right tracks to help keep you focused while understanding that it is not the same for everyone.