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As your business grows and you continually need to figure out how to accept payments from your customers, do not forget to look at Square.

The Power Of Square The Power Of Square

Whether you need to accept credit card payments from someone in person and/or also keep track of other purchases that have been made, Square is a great mobile tool to “literally” have in your back pocket.

To give you an idea of its capabilities, here are some great examples of how it could be used.

  • It could be used at a trade show for selling your products or services
  • It could be used for selling your products after you have a speaking presentation
  • You can use the service to generate invoices for custom projects
  • and many more scenarios.

In this episode, I go through what are the features and benefits of using Square are for your business (did I say it was FREE).

Personally, this tool/mobile cash register has been an amazing help as Alison  (my wife) and I get her business off of the ground.

It was the first way we processed orders at a sidewalk art show to process people’s orders and test to see if we even had a service that people wanted.

I highly recommend you take a look at their service, even if you are primarily someone who sells things directly online, in case you ever run into a situation where you will be selling your services in some sort of in-person setting.

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