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As a business owner, what if there was a way to have your message, product or brand directly show up in front of someone who was looking for a solution that you could solve?

9 Steps To Start An Amazing AdWords Search Campaign 9 Steps To Start An Amazing AdWords Search Campaign

Sounds like an awesome tool right?

Millions of times a day people are searching on Google for solutions to their problems.

If you think about it, you probably searched for something today.

The helpful part of this process is that you as a brand can have your products or services show up for Google searches that are relevant to what you offer.

Think about that.

You can have your brand directly show up for people looking for what you offer.

In this episode, I explain how to do this using Google’s advertising system AdWords in 9 steps.

Overview Of The Podcast

  • What is Google AdWords
  • What is Google AdWords Search
  • How to optimize your search campaigns
  • How to get free brand exposure

The 9 Steps

  1. Identify what you are selling
  2. Imagine your customer
  3. Identify specific targeting specifications
  4. Identify what keywords or keyword phrases your customers will be using
  5. Create campaign and ad groups
  6. Set bids
  7. Choose search match for keywords
  8. Identify negative keywords
  9. Turn on and optimize

Items Mentioned In The Show