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When you are growing your brand, you want to know what is working and what isn’t?

Your website (which is a part of your brand) should be no different.

Using Google Analytics To Grow Your Business Using Google Analytics To Grow Your Business

Thankfully, anyone can use Google Analytics on their website to measure what traffic is doing on their site.

One of the best part of Google Analytics is that it is free and no cost to anyone, however it is a bit complicated to navigate and understand for beginners.

Do not let that stop you from using it.

In this episode I explain 7 ways how you can use Google Analytics to better understand what your visitors are doing on your site and where they are coming from.

What is Discussed in the Podcast

  • How to set up Google Analytics
  • How to find where your website traffic is coming from
  • How to discover what content on your site is bringing in Google searches
  • How to see what websites are linking to you
  • And much more

Items Mentioned

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